Year of the Dog

by 12:19 AM
Story of the Chinese Zodiac Origins of the Chinese Zodiac According to one legend, in the sixth century B.C. the Jade Empe...Read More

Reunion Dinner 年夜饭

by 9:11 AM
【凉菜】Cold Dish [牛排大拌菜] Steak and Salad ⊙ 沙拉: 牛排 1块(300克左右,最好是西冷或者菲力),盐 适量,黑胡椒 适量,橄榄油 适量,球生菜 适量,罗马生菜 适量,芝麻菜 适量,樱桃番茄 3-4个,牛油果 1/2个 ⊙ 酱汁: 生抽...Read More

LingoDeer (app)

by 11:18 PM
Free Category:  Education Updated:  Oct 12, 2017 Version:  1.04 Size:  67.0 MB Languages:  English, Japanese, Korean, Simplifi...Read More

1.4 billion

by 6:40 PM
十四亿  shísì yì 1.4 billion Population of China Based on United Nations and Chinese government statistics, it was estimated in ...Read More

Open Sandwich

by 5:34 AM
Photo Courtesy  Hedi Hearts How do you say ''Open Sandwich" in Mandarin? Today, we'll take a look at the open ...Read More
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